UV2 Blood Drop Egg Beads offer the fisher a FUSION of color and are considered the Cadillac of plastic egg beads.

I have personally developed these for the last 18 months in conjunction with top guides in Alaska. First we coat each bead in a base coat that has a strong UV color, many of which can only be seen with a black oor UV light. Then we over coat each bead with a visible UVF and UVR coating adding a mottled color. Then each bead is clear coated with a very special and expensive product that does NOT have a UV RESISTOR. This allows each bead to reflect all the color combinations. Hence the FUSION OF COLOR. After this we individually hand dot each and every bead with a bright red blood dot. Many swear this turns on fish. You can actually hold the bead up to the light on many of them and see the dot on the backside of the bead. All I ask is that you try lighting any of our UV2 beads under a UV light and I promise you you will see the difference. And you knw the fish will too. These are working so well now, and we are selling so many I am working on a advanced bead counter to help me package these.

Sales Unit: Each Start At: $3.33

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