This is the Clear Cure Goo Pro Curing Light. It is a very low powered light, and is powered by 3 AAA batteries. I tied at the Somerset, Charlotte and Pleasanton Fly Fishing Shows and never had to change the batteries out.

We have changed the curing light from a Black Color- to an electric blue that really stands out on your tying table, so you will be able to find it quickly. The design has changes slightly, it is a little thinner, as well as a bit lighter and based on feedback customers are saying it fits better in their hand. The light also is now provided with a hanging lanyard so you can hang it on anything on your tying bench. The new curing light also features a stronger on/off clicker.

Most importantly- The new curing light has been engraved with the Clear Cure Goo name on the LED unit side. We have a strong reputation of not having our material yellow, crack or chip unlike other companies. The only way we can keep this reputation going is by ensuring all our customers use the proper light.

You may use name brand batteries, as well as house brands such as Costco, or even rechargable batteries makes no difference.

When you reviece your Flashlight make sure the batteries are placed in the battery holder correctly. As with all battery powered devices- The spring side of the batter holder should have the – Negative side of the battery touching it. The smooth side of the holder should have the + Positive side of the battery touching it.

Make sure when you place the Battery Holder back in the flashlight the arrow points down.

Your curing light comes apart in 3 basic sections. The on/off clicker cap, the barrel where the battery housing unit sits and the LED head unit. Please make sure all those parts are screwed together hand tight.

The Clear Cure Goo light is still manufactured in the same place, using the same LED’s as our previous black light. There is no need to purchase a new one. We can not stress how important using a consistent LED company is. We receive samples all the time from other manufacturers, all claiming to be in the same light spectrum as our light… They usually are not. In light curing- you must be right on the money to kick off your material- if you are off by just a few Nano Meters you will have problems with the material.

Sales Unit: Each Start At: $29.70

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